Declaration by Carol Jolin following the election in New-Brunswick

Ottawa, September 27, 2018 – “The Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario wishes to express solidarity with its Acadian brothers and sisters following the recent electoral campaign in New Brunswick.

Fifty years after the adoption of the Official Languages Act, we remind the decision-makers of Canada’s only officially bilingual province that bilingualism is a central value for Canada and New-Brunswick. It is a part of the social contract on which our country is based. Our two official languages, whether you speak only one or both of them, belong to all Canadians. They are both of huge historic, economic, cultural and social importance.

In this day and age, none of us, Anglophones, Francophones, Francophiles or Allophones, are the heirs of Lord Durham’s long-outdated views on language. I encourage Ontarians of all linguistic backgrounds to support our Acadian and Francophile friends in New Brunswick and the Société de l’Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick, and I encourage New-Brunswick’s two major political parties to have no association with a political party that is fundamentally opposed to linguistic duality,” declared the president of the AFO, Carol Jolin.