Five goals to help support francophone arts and culture in Ontario

Ottawa, June 15, 2017 – This morning, the Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario (AFO) announced the publication of a White Paper on Francophone Arts and Culture in Ontario. The White Paper proposes five goals that the provincial and federal governments, as well as the Franco-Ontarian community, should adopt in order to support, develop and expand the Franco-Ontarian artistic industry.

These five goals are:

  • to support artists and strengthen the capacity of artistic and cultural organizations;
  • to update and expand the network of francophone cultural spaces throughout the province;
  • to increase the reach of Franco-Ontarian arts, culture and cultural products;
  • to enlist the education community as a leading partner in Ontario’s francophone cultural vitality; and
  • to remedy the lack of data on Ontario’s francophone arts and culture community.

According to the White Paper, the lack of core support for francophone cultural development has decimated cultural spaces and caused other significant losses, most importantly in the publishing community.

“Franco-Ontarian arts and culture are running out of steam: cultural centres are shutting down, and many artists are earning less than CAN$10 000 a year. We need to act quickly, or else francophone arts and culture in Ontario will be in dire straits,” said Carol Jolin, the President of the AFO.

The White Paper on Francophone Arts and Culture in Ontario contains 40 recommendations on how the above goals can be achieved.

“I invite all members of the Franco-Ontarian cultural and artistic community to assume ownership of this White Paper. I invite them to pass on copies to elected office holders that they meet throughout the summer. The more francophones who ask elected officials to follow our recommendations, the more likely we are to succeed,” Jolin added.

The AFO would like to acknowledge the exceptional work of consultant Éric Dubeau and the leadership role of the Alliance culturelle de l’Ontario in the publication of this document.

Click to access the White Paper on Francophone Arts and Culture in Ontario.