An era has ended, but the work will go on!

Toronto, April 30, 2019 – The Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario (AFO) is launching a campaign to encourage the French speaking community to continue defending its language rights and to outline the procedure for submitting a complaint to the Ombudsman of Ontario when French language services are not properly delivered or are not made available.

Citizens can learn how to go about submitting a complaint by visiting the AFO’s website. In the coming weeks, messages and a video will be posted on social media to educate the Franco-Ontarian community in this regard.

Ontario’s Francophone citizens have the right to communicate, to be educated and to live their lives in French, and the AFO is sparing no effort to ensure that language rights will be respected and strengthened. “It is important that the community continue to submit complaints when its rights are not respected,” said the AFO’s president, Carol Jolin. “Complaints are an important tool to help make the government aware of problems that occur in its delivery of services.”

“The AFO will continue to demand the reinstatement of an independent French Language Services Commissioner, while also agreeing to collaborate with the Ombudsman until such time as a full-fledged Commissioner is reinstated. The Ombudsman was receptive to this way of proceeding when we met and discussed the matter,” added Mr. Jolin.

The AFO thanks François Boileau, the outgoing Commissioner whose mandate ends today, for his tireless efforts to protect the language rights of Ontario’s Francophone minority. The work will continue and the AFO remains vigilant in its efforts to defend and preserve Ontario’s Francophone institutions.