Freedom! L’Université libre du Nouvel-Ontario is born

Sudbury, May 4, 2021 – The Université libre du Nouvel-Ontario was created today with the support of its happy partners, including the Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario (AFO). It is a project for the democratization of knowledge and community engagement, the result of a dream dating back over a century: the creation of a French-language university in Sudbury.

“Free to think, to create and to act, and free from any mercantile imperative, the Université libre du Nouvel-Ontario is advocating for the creation a French-language university in the Nouvel-Ontario,” said Serge Miville, who holds the title of vice-president of resistance as part of this unique initiative. “It may not be a real university, but it will show the way forward to create a French-language university in our region.”

The Université libre was born out of the collective indignation of academics, artists and members of the francophone community. It belongs to the entire Franco-Ontarian society and to its allies. Over the next few months, the ULNO will be offering online courses open to all in a variety of disciplines as well as cultural programming that will give voice to local artists. This initiative will culminate on June 23, 24 and 25, 2021, with the Franco-Parole III conference, which will be attended by many of Canada’s and Quebec’s leading francophone thinkers. “The Franco-Parole III conference will be a privileged moment of reflection and advocacy. The university institution is in crisis, and we must seize this opportunity to project francophone Ontario into the future,” said Michel Bock, vice-president of intellectual liveliness.

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The Université libre du Nouvel-Ontario is a collective of artists, intellectuals and activists from Sudbury and elsewhere whose objective embodies the fundamental mission of a French-language university and aims to raise awareness among the francophone population and its allies on the importance and social function of this institution in a minority francophone environment.